The Best Link Building Tips For Local Businesses

When you’re trying to discover the best way to get backlinks from local businesses, you might tend to think that is best to adopt a similar strategy than when you’re trying to get traditional backlinks. However, this may not be entirely true and may not be the best thing to do.

When you’re doing traditional link building, you usually only tend to target the websites that have authority and it’s highly unlikely that you want a nofollow link. However, when you’re thinking about link building for local business, the most important aspect isn’t the domain authority. In fact, even a nofollow link from a non-authority website can be precious say John Wood from Wood & Co. Creative

You need to remember about a major difference between large and local businesses. When you have the chance to have your link on a high-quality local website, you know for sure that there will be people clicking on it. And this is why they are priceless.

So, here are the best link building tips you can adopt to your local business:

#1: Special Discounts:

An easy thing you can do is to create a special page with some discounts for alumni, for example. As soon as you have it created, just head to some colleges near your location and ask some alumni groups to add your link to their website.

#2: Host A Community Event:

Why not take a special day like Easter and organize a small egg hunt for the kids and invite the entire city. When you do this, everyone within your community will want to share you major event and will post a link directly to your website.

#3: Take Advantages Of Your Relationships:

When you already have your local business for some time, you have had time to build relationships with other business owners. So, why not ask them for a link on their websites? You should first consider the businesses that are similar to yours and then about the ones that can complement yours.

#4: Interview A Local Figure:

Taking advantage of knowing a local figure is a great way to get a lot of different links. Let’s assume that you know this person or at least, a friend of yours does. So, just meet him or her and ask them for an interview.

As a local figure, they probably won’t say no to a local business owner. Then, just post your interview on your website and spread the word about it within your comunity. Everyone will ant to link to that interview, meaning a few additional links pointing back to your website.

As you can see, getting high-quality links pointing to your website, without any payment, and with actual people interested clicking on them, are pretty easy to get. Despite there are so many other ways you have to have other local businesses pointing to yours, these are the ones that are easily achievable and that are completely free.

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