The Benefits of Standing Desks

The 9-to-5 work life is embraced by many, but we tend to neglect that fact that sitting for continuous 8 hours or more is not healthy at all. According to numerous studies by office furniture solutions shows that sitting too much can have a bad impact on your health.

The chances of having heart problems, diabetes, obesity etc. is more in people who sit for almost half a day or for prolonged periods. It might sound dramatic that a habit of sitting too much can have serious harmful impacts on your health, but it is a harsh reality that we all have to accept. To counter the unhealthy habit of sitting, Standing desks are proving to be the best solution.

What is a Standing Desk?

It is a stand-up desk that enables you to work comfortably while standing up. There are various versions of standing desks, and the most preferable one is called a height-adjustable desk. You can adjust the height according to your convenience.

The introduction of Standing Desks

In the 18th and 19th century, standing desks were extremely popular in the offices and homes. With the passage of time, the use of standing desks started to decline. Standing desks were introduced to increase the efficiency and they were considered essential to acquire a healthy lifestyle. Even the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci used standing desks back in his days.

Benefits of Standing Desks

According to of various studies, there are positive impacts of working while standing up. Here are some of the most enticing advantages of using standing desks in your homes and offices:

Reduced Obesity Risks
What really causes a weight gain? The main reason for a weight gain is when your calorie intake is more than the calories that you burn. In other words, if there is inactivity after a consumption of a meal, then the chances of gaining weight enhances since you won’t be doing any activity that can burn the calories. Sitting for prolonged periods can cause metabolism diseases and obesity. According to research, you can burn over 1000 calories/week by merely standing at your desk and working.

Reduced Type 2 Diabetes Risk
After every meal, the blood sugar level rises, and it can become harmful to health if a person is not doing any activity. According to studies, you can lower your blood sugar level by using a standing desk – especially after a lunch. The real issue with our lifestyle is that we have become lazy with our approach to doing any work, and a standing desk ensures that a person does not sit during work.

Reduced Cancer Chances
There are various types of cancer such as Colon and breast cancer which can appear due to lack of physical activity. Scientists have not found a reason why sitting for prolonged periods can cause cancer, but it is believed that the main culprit is C-reactive protein (CRP). Actually, CRP is a substance that enhances the inflammation’s presence in the body, and it is produced by the liver due to extended inactivity.

Reduced Metabolic Risks
In 2008, a study was conducted and it was concluded that sitting for long periods of time can enhance the metabolic risks. When a person sits for too long, there is reduced production of the enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase. The blood glucose level is not controlled by the body, and as a result, heart and metabolic diseases start to appear.

Good Body Posture
If you want to achieve a better body posture and decrease the eye strain then a better option for you is none other than a standing desk. The core strength of the body enhances if a person works while standing. You have to comprehend the fact that working while sitting is tempting since it is more expedient, but if you adapt yourself to using standing desk then you won’t need to worry about back problems and issues such as neck and shoulder pain.

A Healthy Longer Life
The mortality rate rises since you won’t be battling against obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and other health problems. You can increase your life expectancy by using standing desks.

All in all, one thing is for certain that standing desks can enhance your health and make a positive change in your work life. It is time for you to embrace this change, and become more proactive in your life.

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